Upcycled Baby Bed

ImageI recently created a awesome easel for my two grandaughters for Christmas.  I found these  two baby bed ends and just loved the lines of them.  They had good bones and I knew that I could do something with them.  After looking at Pinterest and several of the other Blogs that I love for inspiration I came up with this.ImageImageImageFirst I filled in all the holes with wood filler and then sanded everything.   I then drilled holes in the bottom where I would later add the locking wheels.  Then I painted everything with paint that I found in the “oops paint” section from Walmart.  The color was originally kind of a pink color that I thought would be fine since my grandaughters both love the color pink.  After I painted the one and only coat it dried to the red color that you see.  I liked it so much that I didn’t put a second coat on.  The wood had been dark enough that when I painted the pink color on it dried red, so I just went with it.  While I was waiting for the paint to dry I built the supply tray out of some scrap wood that I had.  I painted the supply tray out of some black spray paint that was left over from spraying the rust on our grill.  Yep.. I sprayed it with grill paint.  I also added both of their names by hot glueing scrabble letters to the bottom of the easel.  I taped off the area that was to be the chalk board side and spray painted with chalk board paint.  I then painted a sealer on everything except the chalk board. I added a inexpensive curtain rod from Walmart to the top to hold the roll of paper for the opposite side of the chalk board and attatched a piece of flexible trim to the bottom of the paper area to hold the paper in place while the girls are painting or drawing.  Over all I think it turned out fantastic!  I really enjoyed making this and the total time to make was about 15 hours.

By the way, the girls love their new easel. art stat


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