Wrapping station


This was given to me by my mother who just didn’t have any room for it.  I was thrilled to get it but it didn’t really go with my decor style.  It originally had glass shelves in it and was meant to house ” what nots”.  I am not much of a what not kind of decorator. I like certain collections but having an entire curio cabinet full is just not my thing.  Anyway, this was a reproduction… so I wasn’t afraid to work a little magic to it.  I removed the glass shelves, the ugly lion head hardware, sanded, painted, did a little distressing and stained it.  In the process I also built the shelf and added holes for dowels to hold my wrapping paper and TADA!!!!! A wrapping station…. I didn’t even know that I needed a wrapping station….But I love it in my office and even my hubby thought it was very cool!


wrapping station

wrapping station


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