Hutch Masterpiece

This is my hutch that was given to me years ago by my aunt.  It has great bones and it didn’t really look awfull, it just seemed out dated…I don’t know… I just wanted change….I was itching to make my own chalk paint and this was one of those projects that I kept putting off cause I was a little intimidated…  I mean look at it

 It’s hugeIMG_0820

Well I worked and worked…almost 2 days strait with very little sleep, I didn’t really even stop to eat much.                                          

 IMG_0028 IMG_0027                                                   

 Another reason that I couldn’t leisurely do this is that my dinning room was a total mess while working on this….it was too cold to do it in my garage/shop and I wanted to get it done while I was in my long stretch of days off from being a nurse…

Anyway…I got er done!

IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917

Bam Bam and double BAM! I LOVE LOVE this piece now.  I can’t stop looking at it!It just feels and looks so much lighter and even more of a eye catcher.  

If you have one that you feel like making a change to but are skeeerd… Don’t be…just jump in and have fun.  I made the chalk paint, painted it on, then applied the stain, then the sealer.  I am in love.



2 thoughts on “Hutch Masterpiece

    • Yes, I do make my own…My hubby would have a total cow if I paid that for paint… I get all my paint from Habitat for humanity, the oops paint section in walmart or Home depot. I then mix my paint with 1 part plaster of paris with a little bit of water to mix and then add it to my paint.. that’s it. so easy and honestly, I can’t tell the difference when my projects are finished. Try will like it. 🙂 for a fraction of what you currently pay. Let me know when you try it. Best regards and thanks for following me and the compliments. I am new at this and need all the props I can get. 🙂

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