Goodbye my sweet Chloe

This past week has been a tough one for our family.  We lost our beloved Chloe.  We only had her a little under 2 years but she was with us long enough to steal our hearts.  It was parvo that took her.   She loved us, you could just see it in her eyes when she looked at us.  She gave the best hugs… literally she would hug you.  She would look up at you and rest her face on you and just look up at you with such love.  She will be missed and I hope her and our golden retriever, libby meet me in heaven when I get there.  050 IMG_0098 374249_1686398898014_13456626_n 383576_1686395817937_933417523_n chloe


5 thoughts on “Goodbye my sweet Chloe

  1. So sorry to read that you lost such a friend. Your description of her hugging you made me cry. I lost my dog (best friend) 12 years ago and cannot bring myself to adopt another. I have 4 grand dogs to nuzzle, but can’t take on one myself.

    • They do love us unconditionally. I lost a golden retriever (Libby) two months before getting Chloe. I am in no way trying to replace my sweet babies, but my home just doesn’t feel balanced…. Doesn’t feel whole without having 2 dogs. We have oscar, our schitz/poodle mix and a couple of weeks ago got a goldendoodle (Gracie ) they bring so much joy, yes they do have such short lives in comparison to ours, but the love they give while they are here…. Outweighs the inevitable pain. I know it will hurt but death always does. I do hope you find the strength in yourself to let another one in and once again have that kind of joy and love that only the four legged kind can give. ((Hugs ))

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