$3.00 Mud Room Bench

Well it all started with this..IMG_0721

This was something that I just threw together one day to hold extra shoes… you know what I’m talking about right? Well it wasn’t meant to be seen or pretty but functional.  It was for a while but then I decided that I needed some sort of bench for the mud room,  to use while putting on work boots and to also function as a place to put those boots.  So I just put it next to the door and turned it on its side. I lived with it that way for a while, it was functional and did the job but every time I walked by I would think…..I’ve got to do something about that, it is just ugly, then I would walk on and get busy with something else.

This past weekend I decided I was tired of looking at it and did something about it.

At first I thought I would just paint it and call it good, but wait….. why not build another one?? I began to look around through all of my curb finds, all the different pieces of wood and trashy cast offs started coming together…. a little bit of this and that.IMG_0709

I pulled out the end of a baby bed that was found on a curb several months back, I was planning on turning it into some sort of chalk board but I thought this would be a better fit for this.IMG_0711 I ended up cutting off each side by about a half-inch to make it fit perfectly as the bench back. After I attached it to the bench I felt like it needed a little something so it didn’t look like a baby bed sitting behind a bench.IMG_0713

I ended up using some trim that I had and added it so that it gave it a bead board look. I knew that I wanted feet on my bench so I found in my stash two bed posts, also found on a curb and cut each one in half to give me 4 feet.IMG_0710

I wanted to have some hooks that would hold a jacket or hat but didn’t want anything that would poke an eye out. Again, off to search the stash… ( I never pass up hooks while I’m out thrifting so I knew I had a few to decide from. Earlier this month I had found these….IMG_0718 IMG_0720. They were originally 5.98 for the pair but I got them on a 1/2 off day…. $3.00! Yay 🙂IMG_0717 IMG_0716 IMG_0715 IMG_0714

I painted it with my homemade chalk paint and then wiped on minwax stain and sealer in a shade that I made by mixing two colors together… I don’t remember what the colors were… :/, when that was almost dry I wiped on some burnt umber acrylic paint in a distressing manner. I finished it off with various rulers that I had been collecting. Perfectly imperfect! mud room bench 002-001 mud room bench 003-001 mud room bench 001-001 mud room bench 004-001 mud room bench 005-001 mud room bench 007-001 mud room bench 006-001 mud room bench 008-001 mud room bench 009-001 mud room bench 010-001 mud room bench 011-001

I now have a bench in the mud room that cost me 3 bucks and about 5 hours time. I love it….IMG_0722 IMG_0730 IMG_0728 IMG_0727 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0723 it’s one of those things that makes me smile :). It was so good to actually build something again. When I’m building, it makes me feel close to my dad.  This is daddy while he was making my youngest son’s cradle.IMG_0734  I know that if he were in this world we would enjoy hours and hours building things together. In my heaven…..we will have a very cool shop! 🙂

Blessings to you,My blog signature2

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42 thoughts on “$3.00 Mud Room Bench

  1. The Mud Room Bench is absolutely beautiful… gorgeous! 🙂 I love, love, love the picture of your Daddy… He was extremely talented! 🙂

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  3. What a great project! I don’t think I have seen a Halltree with so much character. And it was so awesome for you to dedicate it to your Dad!

  4. What a wonderful bench! I love that it was created with random bits and pieces and a whole lot of love and sweet memories!

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  6. Hi,
    This was brilliant!
    I would like to start following you but the only way I do is via email. Will you be offering that choice soon? Huh, huh, willya? Please say yes.

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