Mom’s Birthday Present

Hello all, I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.  Last weekend I completed a project that has been several years in the making.  See, when my mom moved into her house, I said then that the kitchen needed … Continue reading

Best curb find to date!!!!!

Hey there, I couldn’t wait to show you what I found today.  While out scouting on my lunch hour today I came across this couple that were putting things at the curb that wouldn’t fit in their U-haul.   They … Continue reading

Crazy Drawer!!!

This was a project that has been on hold in my mind and in my garage for several months. I am trying to make my way through the garage…. I have got to get some projects done or else hubby … Continue reading

Upcycle Addict Sign

I found this on a curb several months back.  It had quite a bit of water damage so  I covered it with some veneer that I had and that is how it sat in my garage all summer.front door makeover 009 front door makeover 008  Well this weekend the craft bug bit me and this was one of 3 projects that I completed.  I decided to make my sign.  I framed it out with some old wooden rulers that I had in my stash and then painted my blog name on.  This just took a couple of hours to do and it now sits above the window in my office.  my sign 001 my sign 003 my sign 006